2016 App Challenge Finalists and Winner

Here they are now!


IBM staff member Frank Greco and Cornelia Bailey are to apply IBM’s BlueMix Technology (including Watson) and other tools to a variety of teaching data sources.  Read more...

Disability is a fact of my life but isolation is not. I no longer accept secrecy, silence, prejudice, or discrimination. The OSD exists to make sure that no student with a disability at the University of Chicago has to suffer isolation or discrimination. 

Access UChicago developed through conversations with Stephanie Ban, a first-year in the College. The first time we met for coffee we talked for hours – it was the first time she had talked to another disabled person about her experience. As we continued to talk during the Autumn quarter our frustrations with encountering access barriers, navigating campus, and using existing mobile apps coalesced into a seed of an idea.

EngAGE for the Amazon Echo is a product concept that emerged from real life issues faced by older patients, their families, and their physicians every day. Read more...

2017 Participants

Step Test: Dan Rubin, MD

IT Services staff Fritz Anderson and Cornelia Bailey built an iOS app based on Dan's clinical needs for pre-operative patient evaluation. Dan will test the efficacy of his app in an IRB-approved study later in 2017. 

Dr. Rubin presented the Step Test app during the May Grand Rounds of the Department of Anesthesiology.

IT Services staff Bill Brown and Tommy Thomas built an Android counterpart of the current Triple iOS app, doubling the audience for the Triple team. While this includes typical Android programming practices, we've also had to understand and use Unity, the standard for game creation.  

Alex and Chris presented the Triple work at a May meeting of Asychronous Anonymous, an initiative to foster learning and collaborative opportunities in tech at UChicago. For more information, visit https://www.triple.io/

IT Services staff Alex Clark and Cornelia Bailey took the EngAGE web MVP from the 2016 app challenge, and prepared it for a second round of participatory testing with elderly users later in 2017. This included updating the site according to best practices for elders, discussing the possibilities of an Alexa integration, and making sure a minimum of 2-way communication is possible from the site.

Dr. Huisingh-Scheetz presented the work at the April 2017 Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine Grand Round and at the 2017 Innovation Fest Kickoff.

IBM staff member Frank Greco and Cornelia Bailey are continuing to apply IBM’s BlueMix Technology (including Watson) and other tools to Ballot Ready's manual workflow of gathering high-quality content for voter education. In the 2016 Cognitive Computing Challenge, we figured out how to systematically help with categorizing candidate stances (e.g. Education, Environment, etc). In this round of work, we applied the same and new machine learning tools to figure out if a given webpage contains meaningful candidate stances or endorsements.

The Ballot Ready team presented on this work in February 2017 as part of the Polsky Center's UChicago Technology Summit.