Winter 2016: Triple / Augmented Reality

Triple uses augmented reality to help users visualize furniture in the home.
Chris Heinrich

Chris Heinrich and Alex Edelman


About Chris and Alex

Chris Heinrich is a current physics PhD student at the University of Chicago expecting to graduate in June 2017. Together with his advisor he is studying the role that topology and symmetry play in two dimensional phases of matter. In his spare time, Chris developed the mobile education publishing platform, which has published 6 iOS apps for subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Calculus. All of the content creators for Knowvio’s apps have been affiliated with the University of Chicago. Lately, Chris has developed a significant interest in augmented reality, and its potential to make the world a better place. He hopes to build an augmented reality company after finishing his PhD.

Alex Edelman is a current physics PhD student at the University of Chicago, studying strongly correlated electronic systems. Alex has extensive experience in software development, and scientific programming and works together with Chris in developing the augmented reality applications.”

What’s Triple trying to solve?

We wish to use augmented reality (AR) to make it easy for people to view large items like new furniture, new home appliances or a re-modeled kitchen in their own home before they buy them.If you purchase a textbook on Amazon you don’t have to worry about it being too big to fit in your apartment, and if you don’t like it you can easily ship it back. For large items like a sofa or a new refrigerator, however, it is important to know whether they will fit and look good in your space before you buy it, but right now there is no easy way to do that. In addition to furniture, there are many other industries that face the problem of imagining how large things may fit and look in their space. Some other examples include manufacturing plants that need to purchase large and heavy machines, construction companies and real estate.

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How does the App Challenge help with this great idea?

IT Services staff Bill Brown and Tommy Thomas built an Android counterpart of the current Triple iOS app, doubling the audience for the Triple team. While this includes typical Android programming practices, we've also had to understand and use Unity, the standard for game creation.  

Alex and Chris presented the Triple work at a May meeting of Asychronous Anonymous, an initiative to foster learning and collaborative opportunities in tech at UChicago. For more information, visit