Focus Challenge: Voice-Enabled Application (think Amazon Echo or Google Home!)

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We want your ideas for a voice-enabled application.

UChicago and Chicago Medicine students, faculty, and staff:  If you’ve heard of Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, you know it’s now possible to create conversational apps for these “smart speakers.” We’re interested in getting your ideas for a smart speaker app. The best one will get $200, an Amazon Dot, and consideration for the Spring Cohort of the App Challenge. 

To enter, draw upon your research or interests (something you’re passionate about), and come up with a problem or scenario where finding a solution would have a great impact on an industry/society/etc.

You should consider entering this competition if — based on your current research, interests, or expertise — you can:
  1. Imagine a scenario where the smart speaker is one of (at least) two people in a specific conversation.
  2. Describe the general context for the conversation and what the smart speaker would need to know.
  3. Make a flowchart that shows how the conversation would proceed given different answers.  See examples at the bottom of this page.  (You can use paper and a snapshot, Lucidchart, or something else).

No programming or computer science experience necessary.  UChicago and Chicago Medicine students, faculty, and staff are eligible — with a few exceptions.  If you’re passionate about something in your research or day-to-day life, consider entering here.

Focus Challenge: Smart Speaker Application

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Examples of flowcharts