Do I need any prior experience?

Nope. No coding experience or anything. Just an idea.

Have you experienced an unmet need or opportunity in your everyday life (at work, in your research, at home or elsewhere)? Are you working on a research project that might benefit from an app, a website, or cognitive computing? Are you already working on an idea with UChicago (e.g. I-Corps, BIG, ITM) and want to build some part of it? Not sure?

The UChicago App Challenge helps you translate that idea or observation into a mobile app, great website, or something else (surprise us)! Students, faculty, staff, alums and Polsky members can submit their ideas year round. We’ve got 100 hours of programming time to build your idea.

Almost all of our semi-finalists and finalists have had no technical background.  That's what we're here for.  See what they ended up creating.

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Fall Projects

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