Fall 2019: Comprehensive Care Connect

Reducing no-show appointments rates using mobile app communication.
Marc Berman

Laura Magda, Senior C4P Clinical Research Coordinator

What’s Comprehensive Care Connect (CCC)?

Comprehensive Care Connect aims to use mobile app communication to reduce no-show appointment rates.

The Problem

A dominant barrier for patient engagement in the study is transportation. Missing an appointment due to the lack of reliable, convenient, or affordable transportation can have a negative impact on a patient who is suffering from congestive heart failure or hypertensive urgency. While technology improves some parts of medicine, numerous gaps in patient care still exist that need to be addressed by using available resources and data.

A Solution

The goal is to create an application that helps both patients and research. It would help patients to request safe and affordable transportation and merge the data for research purposes to help our team identify and understand that difficulties that patients encounter with getting to and from important medical appointments.


About Laura Magda

With her clinical background and current research experience, Laura aims to work as a primary care physician with a strong focus on research and preventative medicine. She currently works with the Comprehensive Care, Community, and Culture Program (C4P), a clinical research study led by Dr. David Meltzer within the Section of Hospital Medicine at the University of Chicago. The study aims to leverage patient-physician relationships, reduce hospitalization rates, and improve cost effectiveness. Her experience includes working collaboratively with different parts of the research, clinical, and data teams to find innovative ideas and solutions pertaining to complex healthcare issues, mentoring undergraduate students in aspects of clinical research and patient approach, and combining clinical and research knowledge to continue expanding patient outreach to other programs and hospitals.

How does the App Challenge help with this great idea?
App Challenge Developers will create an application that focuses on communicating a need for transportation and securing transportation to and from medical appointments. Developers will integrate GPS, location tracking, and experiment with APIs from public and private driving companies to expand affordable transportation options for patients.
How does this support UChicago's research mission?
We hope that by using the data and information already collected, as well as current resources from the program itself, this model app could help pave the way for other care programs in the future. We hope that it will also prove to be a teaching experience for ourselves and for others to identify how primary care and unmet social needs, such as transportation and communication, can be improved for patients of various demographic backgrounds and needs.