Congratulations to Step Test and Ballot Ready!

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After a full year of submissions (75 in total) and a full year of projects with our four finalists (Ballot Ready, EngAGE, Step Test, and Triple), we held our 2017 Showdown at Polsky’s New Venture Challenge, closing out UChicago’s Innovation Fest.  Our four finalists presented to our judges (Erik Giles, IT Services, Will Engler, UrbanCCD, Kalpana Punukollu, AbbVie Pharmaceuticals) and our judges selected a first place and runner up winner.

Grand Prize: Dr. Dan Rubin’s Step Test

Congratulations to Dan Rubin, MD and Rebecca Gerlach, MD, for winning the $7000 grand prize! Their iOS app,

Step Test, helps evaluate the fitness of pre-surgery patients with the data already on their phone. Dan will test the efficacy of his app in an IRB-approved study later in 2017.  

Read all about Step Test.







Runner Up: Ballot Ready’s machine learning pilot

Congratulations to the Ballot Ready (Alex Niemczewski, Aviva Rosman, Sebastian Ellefson) for winning the $3000 runner-up prize!

IT Services and IBM worked with Ballot Ready to apply IBM’s BlueMix Technology and other tools to their manual workflow for gathering high-quality content for voter education. The goals were to systematically help with categorizing candidate stances (e.g. Education, Environment, etc) and to figure out if a given webpage contains meaningful candidate stances or endorsements.

Read all about Ballot Ready’s work.


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Have you experienced an unmet need or opportunity in your everyday life (at work, in your research, at home or elsewhere)? Are you working on a research project that might benefit from an app, a website, or cognitive computing? Are you already working on an idea with UChicago (e.g. I-Corps, BIG, ITM) and want to build some part of it? Not sure?

The UChicago App Challenge helps you translate that idea or observation into a mobile app, great website or something else (surprise us)! Students, faculty, staff, and now alums can submit their ideas year round. We do the heavy lifting to build your idea. We’ve got $10,000 in prizes. Your idea could win you some serious cash!

Almost all of our semi-finalists and finalists have had no technical background.  That's what we're here for.  See what they ended up creating.