Here's what happened in 2018!

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Jason Salavon, Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts; Faculty and Fellow, Computation Institute.

GenmoBlack and white photo of Jason Salavon (Generative Mosaic) is a neural network driven visual effects app that recreates any photo or video using an entirely separate set of images. With Genmo, users can upload a video, select a dataset to render it with, and get a recreated clip back in seconds. It’s AI-powered creativity for your phone.
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Marc Berman, Faculty, Social Sciences Division and Kathryn Schertz, Doctoral Student, Department of Psychology

Marc BermanKathryn SchertzReTUNE enhances urbanites well-being through their daily pedestrian experience.  App Challenge developers will be exploring how Dr. Berman’s environmental data of Chicago can be used to suggest an optimally “natural” route between two locations.
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Natalie Feldman, Student, Pritzker School of Medicine

Natalie FeldmanMomSupport aims to identify Post-Partum Depression in frequently missed women and, if needed, to offer immediate emergency help to new mothers. App Challenge developers will build a research-ready iOS app capable of administering weekly post partum depression questionnaires to new mothers and timely resources to depression help.
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Andy Rapoport and George Abitante, UChicago Alumni

Andy RapoportGeorge AbitanteClarity will automatically pull data from a personalized set of lifestyle apps to record behavior and check for signs of depression, which can then be assessed and discussed with a mental health professional. App Challenge developers will build a research-ready iOS app capable of pulling multiple streams of behavioral data into one place.
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BetRight: John Lockhart, Chicago Booth

BetRight exploits consistent human bias for profit at the race track. App Challenge developers will be exploring the limits of Optical Character Recognition to read numbers from a racetrack tote board and build a mobile minimum viable product.

EngAGE: EngAGE Team (Voice-Enabled Applications Focus Challenge Winner)

EngAGE motivates frail adults via voice-enabled applications.  App Challenge staff will explore making the EngAGE web MVP more easily accessible to a traditionally technology-illiterate population.
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Advancing the Practices of Teachers (APT): Orrin Murray, Urban Education Institute (Cognitive Computing Focus Challenge Winner)

APT uses digital technologies to help educators get better at their practice. App Challenge staff will attempt to apply IBM’s BlueMix Technology (including Watson) and other tools to a variety of teaching data sources. 
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