Our 2017 Showdown is June 1

2:00-3:30 PM at Booth's Harper Center 104
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Four projects compete for $10,000 in prizes.

At the Showdown, our finalists presented how they

and compete to win $10,000 in prizes.

2017 Judges


Eric Giles
IT Services
Erik has a 20 year history in technology with a primary focus on operations having worked in leadership for companies as diverse as Boeing’s research are Phantom Works to here at the University of Chicago. He has both an MBA and MS in Engineering and has been advising start-ups since 2008. He is currently a mentor at the Polsky Center and enjoys helping entrepreneurs with financial models, relationship building, and go to market advising.


Will Engler

Will is a software engineer at the Urban Center for Computation and Data (UrbanCCD) focused on creating tools that push forward the transparency and impact of urban data. He has worked on data pipelines for urban sensor networks, web services to improve access to cities’ open data, and research tools for federal policymakers.


Kaplana Punukolo
AbbVie Pharmaceuticals

Kalpana (Booth ’14) leads Global Marketing Business Technology Solution global strategy at AbbVie Pharmaceuticals. She is responsible for increasing digital engagement with HCPs and patients to improve outcomes. Previously, she co-founded Qubit, which allows enterprises and individuals optimize their risk based on health score by modeling various social, behavioral, clinical and financial data.