The deliverables are:

1. A paragraph explaining why you’re uniquely qualified and energized to see this project through.


2. A two-page summary of your app (see below). NB: We won’t read past 3 pages. First two are for answering these questions, and the third is only if you have references as an appendix. Use a 12 point font (or larger), and single-space the document.


The summary should include the following information:

The Issue

This is your problem statement.  Tell us the pain point or opportunity space your app aims to address. Be clear and descriptive.

The Audience(s) involved in the issue

Who are your audience(s)? Market research: how big is this audience(s)? What are the Motivation, Ability and Triggers for each audience (s)?

How is your audience currently solving the problem/participating in this opportunity without your intervention?

What is the current behavior of your users?  Why would they change it for your solution?

The Solution

This section summarizes the approach for how your app will address the problem you’ve defined above. This section should also describe how desirable results will be achieved by moving forward with your app.  Tell us how you anticipate your app will solve (or, at the very least, mitigate) the defined issue, as well as your overall goals. It should also describe what a finished app would look like (beyond the basic prototype and MVP).

The Competition

What apps already exist in this arena? How do they fall short? How does your app improve on them?

Evidence that your solution will work

What user testing have you done with your prototype and intended users that supports the solution you’ve proposed? What kind of evidence do you have that what you’ve developed works?

Dependencies, Constraints, and Assumptions

This section is to address the risks that might cause your app to not be feasible or successful. Outline the new risks you’ve discovered in phase two and include thoughts on project assumptions, project constraints, and how you plan to overcome them.

Describe ownership of your app

Who will have ultimate responsibility for your app? You or someone else? If someone other than you, is the ultimate owner aware of their role? If not, how do you intend to get their buy-in? If you are the owner, what is the long-term vision (if any)?

Describe the requirements for maintaining your app

Does your app require ongoing updates and maintenance? If so, how will that happen and what resources will be required? Will you support your app through revenue made from the app? If your app will not generate revenue, how will you secure the required resources to ensure the app stays relevant over time?

Describe the dependencies of your app

Does your app rely on external data? Does it require outside APIs, software, or other applications to work? Do you have access or permission to use these resources? If you do not have permission, how will you proceed? If you do have permission, can you ensure ongoing access to these resources? If access is interrupted (data changes, APIs are discontinued/deprecated) what will be the impact to your app?

Anything else we should know

Is there anything else we should know about your app and the requirements to keep it relevant over time? (This isn’t required, but if you have additional information that relates directly to your plan to sustain the app going forward, now’s the time to share.)

3. Storyboards for your app.

4. A two to five-minute video for your app.